FAQ: Validate button in Scheduling page, how does it work?

FAQ: Validate button in Scheduling page, how does it work?


The Validate button calculates the total working hours of a Field Care Professional based on their Pay Period. This allow administrators to see how many hours a staff member has worked and will work for a certain pay period, enabling them to verify these hours once they are pushed to Carevision Payroll.

Validate button only computes for PUBLISHED BOOKINGS and PUBLISHED SHIFT PATTERNS
Total hours computed:
1. Service Bookings
2. Shift Patterns
3. Service Bookings + Shift Pattern


(see article for more information Pay Periods (carevision.academy):
1. Pay Period - needs to be setup to be able to be selected on Staff Profile > Staff Pay Details
2. Staff Profile > Pay Details

Sample Scenario

1. Staff - Seph Alfon
2. Pay Period - Fortnightly; Start Date - July 1, 2024 (to July 14th)
3. Bookings - 1hr * 8 days = 8hrs
4. Shift Pattern - 8hrs * 1 day = 8hrs
5 Total Hours - 16hrs

The Total Hours vary and are influenced by whether the staff's bookings consist of Run Shifts or Broken Shifts. For more information, see Run Shifts vs Broken Shifts.
Yellow exclamation point on the Staff icon means that their Staff Pay Details are not yet setup.

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