Generate Birthday Report for Clients and Staff on CareVision

Generate Birthday Report for Clients and Staff


Organisations often have the need to retain and strengthen the bond with clients and staff, and this is especially true for organisations that are in care industries and deliver services directly to their clients. Sending birthday cards or greetings to the people you care about is a means of it, and it has an authentic touch to grow intimacy and trust. It might be difficult to memorize everyone's birthday, and thus CareVision implemented the feature of Birthday Report Generation to make people's lives easier, by adding a Birth Month filter on clients and staff pages and enabling the Print button.


You can filter to see a list of the people who were born in a certain month, and you can print the list out as well. You might want to generate the report at the start or end of each month, to see a list of people whose birthdays are in the next month so that you can prepare in advance.

With the Staff Birth Month report, you can see the staff's full name, email, role, department, address, contact number, etc. With the Client Birth Month report, you can see the above information and further see their case manager and next booking. A surprise event can be easily set up with this information. If you wish to only view the filtered list on CareVision but to print it out, you can also see an option to send a message to the clients and staff.


1. Navigate to People -> Clients or Team, depending on if you would like to see client or staff information.

2. On the top right side of the Active Client or All Active Team Member page, click on the Filter icon.

3. Click on the Birth Month filter and choose the target month. A list of clients or staff will remain on the page, while the unrelated entries are filtered out.

4. If a printed report is needed, you can click on the Print icon next to the Filter icon.

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